Guidelines, Rules And Regulations


Registration Agreement
When you register to bid, buy or sell, you agree to follow these guidelines, rules and regulations as defined, including future modifications.

Third Party Affiliation
Americana Auctions, LLC , t/a is a third party auction service provider and all participants agree to assume their own tax and liability responsibilities.

Using our auction is a privilege not a right! To enjoy this privilege you agree to be respectful of your fellow participants.

As a seller you agree to be accurate and provide reasonable detail as possible when writing descriptions for the items you offer for sale.

As a seller you stand-by your description thus provide the buyer 100% return privileges if postmarked for return within five business days after the date of carrier delivery.

A bidder, buyer or seller may be expelled from using this auction service if and when management determines the behavior (whether verbal or actual) of a registered participant to be detrimental to Americana Auctions, LLC or others. Expulsion may range from a period of time to permeant expulsion.,

Appeal of Expulsion
A registered participant may appeal their expulsion by submitting a registered letter requesting Americana Auctions, LLC review their expulsion. The final ruling shall be made and submitted to the registered participant within thirty days from the date the registered letter is received.

Sales Tax
A seller is responsible for handling all applicable sales tax.

The seller agrees to ship all items within three business days from the date payment is received by credit card or PayPal. Shipping for items paid for by check may be held for up to ten business day to allow time for the check to clear the bank. Other delivery arrangements between the seller and the buyer is allowed.

Shipping Tracking
The seller and the buyer shall ship all items with tracking unless other delivery arrangements are made.

DESCRIPTIONS: We attempted to correctly describe the property to be sold. We are happy to provide additional information and photos up to 24 hours before then end of the sale. The stated descriptions carry a limited guarantee to protect you against a major discrepancy that would affect the value of the item. A major discrepancy would be defined as a mislabeling of the name of an item, original instead of re-blued, or item stock re-finish vs original finish or antique vs contemporary timeline. The limited guarantee does not apply to basic description of condition, or other opinion descriptions that may vary. As a purchaser it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself as to the match of the description and estimated value of each items before bidding.

DISCREPANCY REPORTING: Should there be a major discrepancy the buyer has 5 days from the date of deliver to report and discuss the concern. If the resolution is that an item be returned than such a return must be done within 10 days and tracking information must be provided to the seller. A refund as agreed will be made within 5 days of receipt of the returned item. No refund will be considered after the 10 day discrepancy reporting period has expired.

PAYMENT: Payment is due within 3 days by Money Order, Credit Card or PayPal. All items are to be paid for in United States American Funds. We accept Credit Cards, PayPal and checks. All items must be paid for in full before shipped. We recommend you pre-approve your intention to pay by check. We reserve the right to hold merchandise purchased by checks that have not been pre-approved until we can see that the check has cleared the bank.

YOUR BIDDING EXPERIENCE: Let’s make it fun! Please satisfy all your questions, so that you are comfortable in placing your bids. Do not hesitate to call or email us with your question at least 48 hours before the end of the sale.

BIDDING: All bidding must be done though our on-line auction service. Our online platforms tell you when you are the highest absentee bidder or what the buy-it-now price is for each item. We caution you to pay attention to your bidding process as all of your bid become your responsibility. The bidder must log in with their personal log information and in doing so understands the risks that they are taking by participating in live internet bidding and agrees to pay for any and all purchases. Any bids placed by your identity are your responsibility.

SOLE DETERMINANT OF THE SUCCESSFUL BIDDER: Every effort will be made to track all on-line bidding or buy-it-now purchases. The auction house has the sole authority to determine the final bidder and the final purchase price.

AUCTION STAFF BIDDING: Staff may bid on items for personal use.

BUYERS PREMIUM: A 10% buyer premium will be applied to all items sold as part of the purchase price thus will be subject to sales tax calculation. RESERVES: There will no reserves but items listed may have a minimum starting bid.

NAMES OF CONSIGNORS: Consignors names are confidential unless they give permission to make available. We encourage consignors to make their name available for the provenance purposes or as makers

TITLE: A title passes upon the closing day of the sale or upon execution of a buy-it now option. If contact cannot be made with the buyer within 10 days than we have the right to void the sale and relist or sell to an underbidder.

THE BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE TO OWN: It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine if they may legally own the items upon which they are bidding. No refund will be issued if ownership eligibility is not met.

CUSTOMS: It is the responsibility of the buyer to meet all customs requirements for shipping.

WITHDRAWALS: We reserve the right to withdraw any property before the sale and shall have no liability for such withdrawal.

ABSENTEE & PHONE BIDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED: Absentee or phone bids are not accepted.

INTERNET BIDDING: We offer only internet on-line bidding with a buy-it-now option. You must pre-register within our system that includes agreeing to our terms and conditions to bid or execute the buy-it-now option.

NOTIFICATION OF SUCCESS: Only successful bidders are contacted. To expedite the process we offer on-line payment as our best option.

SHIPPING: Items will be wrapped safely, insured, and shipped by USPS, UPS or Fed Express as determined best by us. Shipping as shown will be charged along with your purchase price. Once payment has been received and processed your items will be shipped in 2 business days and you will be notified of the tracking information. (Check payment require up to 10 days for clearing unless pre-approved.)

ASAP Orders: Are available on small quantities of 10 guns or less, however there is a charge of $50.00

Hard Cases: There is a $20.00 charge for hard cases. These are usually used for items that have sold for $2000 or more. Or upon request.

Handling charges: Handguns are $8.00 per gun. Longarms are $15.00 per gun. Miscellaneous items and larger Class III items will vary depending on material used and time it takes to package. Labor rate is $30.00 an hour on these other items.

Insurance Charges: A rate of $8 for the first $800 and 95 cents PER each $100.00 after $800. This covers the Hammer & Buyers Premium only. This does not include shipping, nor does it include what you expected to get for the item if resold.

Shipping cost: Carrier cost plus  all firearms (including antiques) are shipped with adult signature required. Any item(s) shipped with a value of $1000.00 and up is shipped with signature required.

Boxes: $7.50 per box used in your shipment. No charge if it is a free box supplied by the carrier. (We do not carry all box sizes from these carriers, only generally sized ones).

ANY LEGAL DISPUTES: Any legal disputes arising from this auction shall be settled in the court system in the State of Virginia.


Extremely Fine: All original with 98% finish or better.
‘Very Fine: All original with 95% finish or better, “Shows Very Little if Any Use”.
Fine: All original with 90% finish or better.
Very Good: All original with 85% finish or better.
Good: Shows light to moderate use.
Poor: Shows heavy use,
Relic: Heavy brown rust patina

COLLECTOR ITEMS: All items offered for sale or auction are sold as collector items and none of the parties associated with the sale of these items attest to their safety.

RESPONSIBILITY: It is the responsibility of the Buyer to satisfy themselves as to the age, condition, authenticity, legalities and value of an item before bidding. It is the responsibility of the consignor to agree to the terms of the consignment agreement whereby they delegate permission to sell / auction an item.

AGREEMENT: Consigning of items or bidding on items in our auction indicates your acceptance of all of the terms and conditions herein stated. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are releasing all parties associated with the auction of the item from any liability associated with injuries, damage or death that you, any party, any property or any person might incur from the use of the item.

Definition of Selling Categories:

Antiques – Please list only items in this category that are out of production.
Longarms– Percussion and flintlock longrifles, fowlers, side by side, etc.
Pistols – Percussion and flintlock pistols.
Firearm Accessories – Percussion and Flintlock accessories
Frontier Accoutrements – Items associated with the American Frontier Experience
Edge Weapons – Knives, tomahawks, etc associated with the American Frontier Experience.
Powder Horns – Items associated with the American Frontier Experience
Pouches – Items associated with the American Frontier Experience
Frontier Clothing – Clothing associated with the American Frontier Experience.
Frontier Hats, & Shoes – Hats and shoes associated with the American Frontier Experience.
Frontier Paintings and Prints – Associated with the American Frontier Experience.
Frontier Sculptures, pottery, etc – associated with the American Frontier Experience.
Revolutionary War – Items associated with the Revolutionary War.
War of 1812 – Items associated with the War of 1812.
Mexican War – Items associated with the Mexican War.
Civil War – Items associated with the Civil War.
Indian Wars (no FFL firearms) – Items associated with the Indian Wars. (No FFL Weapons)
WW I (no FFL firearms) – Items associated with WW I. (No FFL Weapons)
WW II (no FFL firearms) – Items associated with WW II. (No FFL Weapons)


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